Dive deeper into the U.S. health care system with our chapter-by-chapter list of suggested reading.


General sources for multiple topics (datasets for health & healthcare):

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us:

The Urban Institute Health Policy Center:

NPR Health Blog “Shots”:

Becker’s Hospital Review:

IOM Future of Nursing:

Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis:

Chapter 1

New website to compare hospitals:

Hospital mergers and how that will affect costs and care:

Veteran’s Administration:

Non-hospital Care:

Trends & Issues:

Primary Care:

Accountable Care Organizations:

Hospital Readmissions & Lack of Medicare Reimbursement:


This blog post has links to a ton of information on this ongoing phenomenon and debate surrounding it.

Chapter 2

General Information about Economics and Spending:

Behavioral Economics and Health Care:

Employer Sponsored Insurance:

Sustainable Growth Rate:

Pay For Performance:

Understanding the differences between cost and price. Painter MW, Chernew ME. “Counting Change: Measuring Health Care Costs, Prices, and Spending.” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. March 2012.


Health Spending Trends:

Higher Patient Mortality Correlated with Better Patient Satisfaction:

Administrative Overhead:

Trends in Emergency Department usage, increasingly where patient’s get acute care:

Chronic disease costs, you can look up the data:

Overview of hospice and trends in hospice usage:

Smoking is really expensive!

About the connection between socioeconomic status and health (and costs):

About the connection between education and Health:


Chapter 3

Medical Errors:

Transitions of care – a model used by Eric Coleman at University of Colorado:

Residency work hours

Hospital-acquired infections

Nursing and Quality

Electronic Health Records

Meaningful use

Culture change for quality and IT

Medical Malpractice


Chapter 4

The title says it all, Role of Public-Sector Research in the Discovery of Drugs and Vaccines:

NIH fact sheet about the sequester & decreased research funding:

Translational research and the “valley of death”

Research is important for health:

The Pharmaceutical Industry. (This is a pretty big topic with a lot of controversy. It could extend this “suggested reading” section by several pages. To keep it at a minimum, we’ve included an article by a prominent critic of Pharma along with an article rebutting her arguments.)

The Food and Drug Administration

“Me too” drugs

Medical devices

Ioannidis research

Evidence Based Medicine

Drug prices



Chapter 5

The Oregon Medicaid experiment:

Geographic Variation:

How the ACA will affect Graduate Medical Education:

Reform Options:

The Affordable Care Act

Challenges to the ACA

Chapter 6

Scope of practice