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From undergraduates preparing for medical school interviews to MBA students needing to learn about the business of health care, The Health Care Handbook is an invaluable resource for any student wanting to learn about health care in the United States.

Available in both paperback and e-book formats, The Handbook offers students across all disciplines a neutral, practical overview of the health care industry that simply isn’t available anywhere else. It condenses information from hundreds of sources—federal legislation, scholarly research, textbooks, and more—into five concise, jargon-free chapters. We also offer free curricular materials including case studies and lectures to supplement the content covered in the book and improve retention of the most important facts and concepts.

What Students Are Saying

“I recently had a few medical school interviews, including a Multiple Mini Interview, and was able to demonstrate my knowledge of the American health care system and the Affordable Care Act thanks to the information I gained from The Health Care Handbook[...] If I get into medical school it will be because this book provided a clearer understanding of the various parties and interests involved in medicine. Thank you so much!”

Erick Mendoza

Pre-Med, Columbia University

“This book was an easy-to-understand guide to the healthcare of the US. As a nursing student, I wanted to become more aware and familiar with this topic. I can't even begin to express how much this book helped me to further familiarize myself in things that will affect my patients (and all of us) in the future.”

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“I found this book THE NIGHT BEFORE my medical school interview. It was a quick read and is very informative. I can't believe how straight-forward and easy to understand it is! I never fully understood insurance and was frustrated with all the biased articles or opinions I'd read. This offered information that was documented and well-supported, without any bias. I recommend this to everyone no matter what their profession.”

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