Neutral and concise, The Handbook is an ideal employee training resource.

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The Health Care Handbook is a perfect resource for professionals within the health care industry and is especially valuable as an employee training tool. It is a neutral, readable and concise primer for the U.S. health care system that presents all of the relevant facts about how the system works, who works in it, and how things get paid for. The book is currently used by a variety of organizations within the pharmaceutical, medical device, health care system, health insurance and health IT fields. Companies needing to train new employees can use The Handbook to provide an effective overview of the U.S. health care system in a matter of hours. We can also provide educational material to help reinforce the content in the book and help employees grasp the most important facts.

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What Health Care Professionals Are Saying

“Medical students Askin and Moore have partnered to write an extremely easy-to-understand book that explains the U.S. health-care system. The book succeeds in making sense of health care without opinion, bias, or dense textbook language. Divided into five chapters, the book contains a wealth of information that will leave health-care professionals, students, and patients well educated about a system that usually leaves everyone confused.”


"The Health Care Handbook is exactly what it claims to be; “A Clear and Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System”.  It was researched and written by two medical students who recognized that medical school does not prepare US doctors for dealing with the system in which they practice.  The result is one of the best overviews of American health care that I have seen to date.”

Thomas W. Byrne

Director, Health Economics & Reimbursement
Boston Scientific Corporation

“You may think you can avoid the health care system, but ultimately, you can't, so it is a good idea to know the 31 different healthcare professions making up this system, and how the big pharmaceutical companies fit into it. Where else can you find discussions of medical malpractice, the economics that make health care expensive, how hospitals are set up, and the medical device industry? An added bonus is the fact that the book covers the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Affordable Care Act as well as healthcare policy and reform. Even-handed and scrupulously researched, The Health Care Handbook is accessible, at times humorous, and, at 240 pages, concise.”

The Doctor Will See You Now

Leslie Carr

“Anyone who is confused by the 'system' of healthcare in the United States should read this great little book. It's just the right mix of broad concepts and details, facts and fun. If you're interested in healthcare, you should be interested in The Healthcare Handbook.”

Ed Weisbart, MD

Former Chief Medical Officer, Express Scripts

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