“ astonishingly clear ‘user’s manual’ that explains our health care system and the policies that will change it.” Buy the Book

Finally, a practical, neutral and readable overview of the U.S. health care system — and in just over 200 pages.

Written by two practicing physicians, the Handbook is essential reading for health care providers, health professions students, and the public alike. The updated 3rd edition of this best-seller includes new sections covering hospital readmissions, drug pricing, and value-based care.


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The Healthcare Handbook is an extraordinary accomplishment. The handbook presents the complex healthcare system in a clear and lucid manner. I believe that the handbook will serve as the foundation for the introduction to and instruction of all medical students as they confront an evolving healthcare system.”

Gerald S. Levey, M.D.

Dean Emeritus, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

“Medical students Askin and Moore have partnered to write an extremely easy-to-understand book that explains the U.S. health-care system. The book succeeds in making sense of health care without opinion, bias, or dense textbook language. Divided into five chapters, the book contains a wealth of information that will leave health-care professionals, students, and patients well educated about a system that usually leaves everyone confused.”


“It is a perfect primer for anyone considering a health professions career and for the general public.”

Michael Johns, M.D.

Former Chancellor, Emory University
Former CEO, Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University

“I am so excited to find all this information in one place, instead of the bits and pieces needed from a dozen books for teaching purposes. The Health Care Handbook fills such a void!”

Katherine DeSchryver, M.D.

Professor, Clinical Medicine of Pathology and Immunology
Washington University School of Medicine

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